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News Syndication

Do you want the latest service news, funding opportunities, and events delivered to you directly? With our syndication feeds, you can receive news and information as it's published on our web site. If you are well-versed in content syndication, add these feeds to your news reader:

Virginia Service feed icon Latest News
Virginia Service feed icon Funding & Grants
Virginia Service feed icon Training & Event Calendar

What is a Syndication Feed?

Syndication feeds are an easy way to keep up with your favorite news and information. Web sites provide updates, such as the latest news headlines or web log postings, via a dynamic syndicated feed. Consumers use news reader applications (or one of a growing number of online services) to collect and monitor their favorite feeds in one place. So you are always up to date with your favorite site's latest information without having to "visit" the site.

What are News Readers?

News readers are small software programs that aggregate feeds and display the story information. They allow you to scan headlines from hundreds of news sources in a central location.

Where Do I Get a News Reader?

A wide range of news readers can be easily downloaded from the Web. Some readers are Web-based, installed in your browser, or may require you to download a small software program onto your desktop. Most are free to use.

  • Visit Feed Burner (Google) for a list of news readers and more information.
  • Also your web browser may already support content syndication. Check you respective browser help files for more information.